Poole Quay & Old Town

Baden Powell

Poole Quay is very much the nerve centre of the town of Poole, both historically and still so today. This is the main bus stop to jump off at for all the boating services available on our bus and boat combination ticket.

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The quay has a very long history. Britain used to trade with the Roman Empire before the Romans arrived on these shores in AD 43, and this was one of the main ports used for this trade. The southern side of the quay is still dedicated to trade and it is a lively port where you can often see coastal freighters being loaded and unloaded. The luxury yacht builder Sunseeker, also has a big presence, and you can see lots of very expensive motor yachts as they near completion or as they conduct their sea trials.

Poole Quay Bus Stop
Poole Quay Bus Stop

On the side of the quay that the bus arrives on there is always lots going on, many pubs, cafés and restaurant to enjoy, or you can get some retail therapy in the Poole Pottery shop.

On the quay is a statue of Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the scouting movement which had it’s first ever camp on Brownsea Island in 1907.

Please note that Poole Quay is often closed for events, so when this is the case we have an alternative stop, just round the corner on Old Orchard. Walk with the harbour to your right until you get to the Lord Nelson, turn left there onto Old Orchard and the bus stop is on your side of the road, just past the multistory car park. Or view it on online here.

Poole Quay Pubs
Poole Quay Pubs

The Poole Town Museum is nestled in amongst some of the oldest properties in Dorset, a number of the properties in this part of Poole date back to the 15th century. Head up the High Street and follow your nose along the small lanes and alleyways. The Cockle Trail, will guide you round all the main points of interest and highlight some of the historical events that shaped the town over the centuries.

Just off the quay, Poole Old Town also gives a degree of tranquility with plenty of quiet sunny spots to sit and relax.