Baiter Park

Baiter Park is a great recreation area, directly on the shore of Poole Harbour.

Baiter Park from the air – credit BCP Tourism

The car park also has a public boat ramp so is busy with lots of people on summer  weekends.

The route takes us along a road that runs along the edge of the park, the names giving a clue to some important history of Poole.

Labrador Drive and Newfoundland Drive both refer to the strong links with Canada, where vast amounts of cod were caught and salted before being sold into the European market.

On the shore at Baiter there are the ruins of the old Powder House, where gun powder was stored, for safety,  away from the town and the quay. It has walls two foot thick, a small window and door but a flimsy roof so if there was an explosion it would be contained by the walls but blow the roof off.

Baiter Powder House

Baiter Park was also the local isolation hospital, this had 16 beds and was always at the ready to take any poor souls with infectious diseases such as small pox. The location at the time was on a small island joined by a causeway, the land around it having now been reclaimed to form Baiter Park.

Baiter Isolation Hospital
Baiter Isolation Hospital